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question of express and courier service
Add Time:2018-01-05
  1. What I have to know before checking the price?
  Before checking price, you should get the details of the actual weight and volume weight.
then can check exactly price, the actual weight is the product gross weight,if send by DHL
 UPS FEDEX TNT, the count way of volume weigt is: L*H*W/5000( by cm), if send not 
only one box, all the boxes volume weight is the total volume weight amount, if send by EMS,
 the count of way is: L*W*H/8000(by cm),EMS just each carton for each shippment. If send
 by India cargo line, Singapore cargo line,Malaysia cargo line,the volume weight is: 
L*W*H/6000 (by cm)
2.what is dfferent from the same courier service?DHL-A,DHL-B,HK-DHL-C, FEDEX-IE-L,
  the transit time is different for different way of the same courier,you can see the
 courier transit time as the following by same courier:
3.  Which of beginning city is effective for this price ?Which city can pick up goods for free?
      The price is effective from Guangzhou, we can pick up the goods in the downtown of Guangzhou,
if the goods in other city, please ask the supplier to quote FOB Guangzhou,or inquiry me for pick- up charge.
 4. What should I want to know for some regulation by different couirer?
   By DHL
   if the goods  reach the following regulation,  would be charge 200RMB *fuel charge for each parcel.
      1.each carton more then 70kg
   2.One of box size is more then 1.2metre
   The following is some regulation of UPS,or would be charged 40rmb
1. the longest size is not more then 152cm,the second longer size is not more then 76cm
2. if the one carton is over 32kg
3. if the good is circle or packing by metal or by wood
 if have the goods have the following feature, would be charged 388RMB* Fuel charge
1.  if the longest size is over 270cm,or {(H+W)*2+L}>330,but not more then 419cm
2. if the box is more then 70kg
By Fedex
1. the goods is not more then 68kg for each carton.or the longest size is not more then 274cm, 
or the {(W+H)*2+L} is not more then 330cm