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express and courier service
Add Time:2018-01-05

DHL as the worldwide express expert, have good relation with worldwide custom service,can deal with some brand name goods,the following is the DHL regulation for goods packing 
A, if reach the terms,would be charged USD40 for additional fee a, one of size more then 120cm
B,one of carton more then 70kg
the way of volume weight is: L x W x H/5000 (by cm),will compare the actual weight,which one is more,will charge the one.
To USA  by DHL (about 3 to 4 days arrive)  General cargo
The First 0.5kg is: 180RMB(USD29), the second 0.5kg: 25RMB(USD4)
Above 21kg,  40RMB/KG(USD6.4/kg),     above 51kg: 38RMB/KG(USD6/kg)
Above 101kg, 35RMB/KG(USD5.6/KG)

to Austria,Denmark,Finland,Greece,Ireland,GUERNSEY,JERSEY,norway,portugal,spain,
United Kingdom,San Marino,Bulgaria,Cyprus,Estonia,Latvia,Lithuania,Malta,
  about 3days arrive
  The First 0.5kg is: 170RMB(USD27), the second 0.5kg: 35RMB(USD5.6)
  Above 21kg,  48RMB/KG(USD7.6/kg),     above 51kg: 42RMB/KG(USD6.7/kg)
  Above 101kg, 38RMB/KG(USD6/KG)

To Africa  by DHL (about 5 days arrive)  General cargo
 The First 0.5kg is: 240RMB(USD38), the second 0.5kg: 45RMB(USD7.2)
  Above 21kg,  80RMB/KG(USD12.7/kg),     above 51kg: 77RMB/KG(USD12.3/kg)
  Above 101kg, 63RMB/KG(USD12/KG)

If you want to send some the large volume goods, that is better send by EMS,it don't charge the volume weight,just charge the actual weight,EMS can send some brand name goods.But its transit time is more then DHL or UPS, it need about 8days to 10 days,and price more dear then other courier, one carton means one bill, and each carton is not more then 30KG
The first 0.5kg; 124RMB((USD20)   the second 0.5kg: 38RMB(USD6)
Austria,Denmark,Finland,Greece,Ireland,orway,portugal,spain,sweden,switzerland,Belgium,Italy,Germany,France,United Kingdom)
The first 0.5kg; 144RMB((USD23)   the second 0.5kg(USD6)

To Russia
about 12 days arrived
The first 0.5kg: 171RMB=USD27
The second 0.5kg: 50RMB=USD7.94
1.each carton is more then 31kg(including the volume weight) and round carton, packing by wooden box or by metal box, will charge 40RMB(USD6.4) with the fuel charge.
2.each size more then 152cm or the second size more then 76cm, will be charge 55RMB(USD8.8) with the fuel charge. of size is more then 270cm ,or each carton is more then 68kg, or the {(W+H)X2+L}>330cm,will be charged 388RMB(USD61) or repeat charge.
4,if send to private address,need add,30RMB(USD4.8)
The way of volume weight is: L x W x H/5000 (by cm), if more then one carton, which count way is more,charge which one, then make together.
By UPS to USA ,about 3 days arrive
The first 0.5kg: 200RMB(USD32)  the second 0.5kg,28RMB(USD4.5)
Above 21kg,the price is: 47RMB/KG(USD7.5/kg)
Above 51kg, the price is: 45RMB/KG(USD7.2/kg)
Above 101kg,the price is: 43RMB/KG(USD6.8/kg)

To Europe  by UPS 
about 3 days arrive
The first 0.5kg: 250RMB(USD40)  the second 0.5kg,35RMB(USD5.6)
Above 21kg,the price is: 50RMB/KG(USD8/kg)
Above 51kg, the price is: 48RMB/KG(USD7.6/kg)
Above 101kg,the price is: 45RMB/KG(USD7.2/kg)

If you have any shippments want to send from China to Europe,please don't hesitate to contact me, will offer you better suggestion for transportation.

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